The Low Jump and More Mundane Musing

By |5 March , 2014|

IMG_20140215_171354_1Wherever possible I try and lower the bar. Make any aim easier to achieve and less taxing. Getting a deal is an obvious area. As an example I went for lunch with a friend last week and before meeting he made a quick search for any vouchers at the restaurant. We had two meals for the price of one.

It is perfect, we had the same meal we would have but […]

Friday Reading – 07/02/14

By |7 February , 2014|

I’ve not been reading too much the past few weeks. Time to catch up:

  1. How Teams Really Work (Intelligent Life)

  2. 4 rules for finding junior miners to like or avoid (Resource Investor)

  3. January Barometer’s False Readings  (Bloomberg)

  4. AuTraSy vs Wisdom States of Trend Following ( Au.Tra.Sy blog)

  5. Recovery position – Companies that have fallen heavily in value can go on to make big returns  (The Value Perspective)

  6. Are Simple Momentum Strategies Too Dumb? Introducing Probabilistic […]

Show and Prove

By |31 January , 2014|

These past months it is the sell button that has been most favoured. Part of this is reflective of my nervousness at the persistence of markets, their lack of discrimination. Despite my efforts to recalibrate my ‘feel’ with more substantive data, they no doubt steer me to accentuate caution.

Nonetheless I struggle a little to find value in the general market. While reviewing my holdings I come away with the impression that many are fairly or ever so slightly overvalued, […]

Sunday reading – 19/01/14

By |19 January , 2014|

Some pieces I’ve been reading (or in the case of the Kahneman interview about to watch):

  1. The World Economy’s Shifting Challenges by George Soros  (Project Syndicate)

  2. A Tail of Two Worlds. Fat Tails and Investing (Michael Mauboussin)

  3. By George, Britain’s Austerity Experiment Didn’t Work! (The New Yorker)

  4. Focusing capital on the long term (McKinsey)

  5. Ruffer Q4 Letter: Bulls Vs. Bears (Market Folly)

  6. Dick Thaler Interviews Daniel Kahneman (Decision Science News)

Image of the Week: S&P500 […]

Reading for the weekend – 11/01/14

By |11 January , 2014|

Back to business

  1. Book review: How to Make a Million – Slowly  (UK Value Investor)

  2. A fool thinks himself to be wise (GestaltU)

  3. The winning formula: data analytics has become the latest tool keeping football teams one step ahead (Wired)

  4. State of Trend Following in 2013 (Au.Try.Sy blog)

  5. Numbers Time! Data update for 2014 (Musings on Markets)

  6.  CAPE Returns for 2013 (Mebane Faber)

Image of the week:  Cognitive Surplus visualized

“I […]

Back To Work Reading – 03/01/14

By |3 January , 2014|

Back to business

  1. Behavioral Resolutions for Behavioral Investors  (Psy-Fi Blog)

  2. 2013 Year in Review: Austerity is not a policy (CS Investing)

  3. An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself (LA Weekly)

  4. Shares for 2014 (mcturra2000)

  5. Which professions have the most psychopaths? The fewest? (Barking Up The Wrong Tree)

  6.  A Plain-English Explanation of Correlation (NeoAcademic)

Image of the week: Causation or Correlation

“The gasoline lead […]